Poorboy's World QW+ Quick Wax Plus (3 Sizes)

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Poorboy's World QW+ Quick Wax Plus (3 Sizes)

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Title:16oz (473ml)

Poorboy’s World Quick Wax Plus (QW+) is an instant solution for attaining a freshly detailed sparkle that dazzles the eyes. Quick Wax+ gives an immediate boost to the visual appearance of your car\, while supplying the benefit of additional Carnauba Wax and UV block for extra protection. Regular use of Poorboys QW+ will extend the time between necessary waxes by reinforcing the existing wax’s protective qualities.

Spray on Poorboy’s QW+ and wipe away fingerprints\, smudges and other spots that mar an otherwise spotless car. Vanquish that annoying dust that seems to gravitate to clean cars—in fact\, QW+ actually repels airborne pollution\, keeping your car shinier longer. It can be used on any exterior surface—even the glass\, chrome and hard rubber—for extra gloss and glimmer. QW+ makes it possible to always maintain a pristine car.

Unlike other instant detail sprays\, Poorboy’s QW+ can be used right under the blazing sun without compromising its effectiveness or results! Unbeatable shimmer! No matter where you are or what time of day it is.

Size: 16oz\, 32oz\, 128oz