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P&S Empty Spray Bottles

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Bottle:Iron Buster - Spray Bottle

P&S Empty Spray Bottles are ready-labelled denoting individual products from the P&S range.

This allows you to decant products into the bottles and be certain you’re using the correct product based on the label.

The bottles are made from HDPE and hold up to 946ml (32oz) of the chosen product.

These P&S bottles provide ultimate convenience – once filled with the desired product just pick up the bottle of your choice and spray away.

Available bottles:

Iron Buster - Spray Bottle

Brake Buster - Spray Bottle

Paint Gloss - Spray Bottle

Xpress Interior - Spray Bottle

Carpet Bomber - Spray Bottle

Shine All - Spray Bottle

Finisher - Spray Bottle

Bead Maker - Spray Bottle

Each bottle holds up to 946ml (32oz)


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