P&S Envy Jeweling Polish

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P&S Envy Jeweling Polish

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P&S Envy Jeweling Polish is a finishing polish that brings your paint’s finish to a brilliant shine.

Envy Jeweling Polish is made with ultra-fine abrasives designed to eliminate very minor marring as well as leaving a shining finish.

Polishes correct defects quickly and effectively but they can cause marring in the process. Marring shows up more on dark colours such as black.

When working on dark colours\, or if you want to get the best possible results on any colour\, it is important to use an ultra-fine abrasive polish. This will remove marring and leave a mirror-like finish before you apply protection over the top of your paintwork.

P&S Envy Jeweling Polish doesn’t include fillers which just hide the imperfections by filling them temporarily\, it uses micro-abrasives to actually correct the imperfections. This means the high-quality show car finish you get is certain to last.


Use your preferred pad and polisher combination to apply Envy Jeweling Polish. Apply a sufficient amount of polish to the surface of the pad to ensure proper lubricity and correction potential. Work in small sections\, using light pressure to apply the product to your paint. Wipe the surface dry with a soft\, dry\, clean microfibre towel. Repeat for the entire paint surface\, checking often to ensure desired results.

Size: 473ml (16oz)