RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Care Kit


RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Care Kit

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RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Care Kit

Take care of cleaning, regenerating, and protecting your fabric convertible top with this all inclusive RaggTopp kit!

It comes highly recommended and a forum favourite. The kit has all you need to make sure your fabric convertible is protected in all types of weather.

The Haartz Corporation and Rode & Schwalenbert Gmbh. (Germany), the world's leading manufacturers of convertible topping for virtually every American and European convertible automobile manufactured throughout the world, exclusively recommends using RaggTopp Cleaners and Protectants for protecting your investment.

The RaggTopp Convertible Top Care Kit contains 

RaggTopp Vinyl/Fabric Cleaner- 16 oz. pump spray. Use confidently to safely clean convertible tops, sport utility tops and tonneau covers. RaggTopp Cleaner removes the toughest roof soils and stains, retards the growth of mildew and will actually keep dirt and grease at bay. The anti-oxidant, low pH, no bleach formula leaves no residue. The environmentally friendly & biodegradable formula will not harm automotive finishes, chrome, rubber, glass, or plastic windows.

RaggTopp Fabric Protectant -14 oz. aerosol. This is the future of convertible top protection. Over three years of product testing has produced a polymer formula that creates a superior protective barrier that micro-bonds to the convertible top and protects it from the elements. Renews and extends the life of fabric convertible tops and covers by restoring lost water and stain resiliency to like-factory-new condition. Protect and repel against acid rain, along with U.V. rays, smog, tree sap, bird droppings, salt, tar, dirt, grease, and grit.

To use: Rinse top thoroughly to remove loose contaminants.

Spray RaggTopp Cleaner evenly over wet surface and scrub lightly with a soft brush or towel. Allow tough stains to soak for 10 to 20 minutes before scrubbing. Rinse top thoroughly and allow to dry completely before applying protectant.

Shake RaggTopp Protectant well before applying. Spray in a gentle sweeping motion 12-14 inches above the convertible top. Apply an even coat and allow it to dry for 15 minutes before applying another coat. It will take 24 hours for the protectant to fully bond to the fabric.

Kit includes:

16 oz. RaggTopp Vinyl/Fabric Cleaner

14 oz. RaggTopp Protectant

NOTE: We cannot unfortunately supply overseas customers with this kit due to shipping regulations.