STA-BIL 360” Marine Fuel Stabiliser (2 Sizes)


STA-BIL 360” Marine Fuel Stabiliser (2 Sizes)

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Title:8oz (236ml)

Specially formulated for use in harsh marine environments, STA-BIL 360° Marine Fuel Stabilizer offsets the effects of moisture in today's ethanol-blended fuels and protects marine engines during storage.

STA-BIL 360° Marine is the best ethanol problem fighter. This is more than four times the fuel system cleaner than the regular STA-BIL and double the corrosion fighter. Marine STA-BIL prevents corrosion from moisture and ethanol-induced water attraction.

If you are using ethanol-blended fuel in your marine application, Gold Eagle recommends adding STA-BIL Marine with EVERY fill up, not just for storage. This 8 ounce (236ml) quick measure easy pour bottle treats up to 80 gallons (300 litres) of fuel.


For in-season use: 30ml treats up to 38 Litres of fuel. For storage: Use 30ml to 19 Litres. Recommended for use at every fill up in season for year-round performance & protection. Product does not contain alcohol.

Key Features

-          Best ethanol-blended fuel enhancer

-          Prevents corrosion from moisture and water attraction

-          Improves marine engine performance year-round, not just for seasonal storage

Available in: 8oz (236ml) or 32oz (946ml)