STA-BIL Fast Fix Small Engine Treatment


STA-BIL Fast Fix Small Engine Treatment

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STA-BIL Fast Fix is a complete small engine fuel system cleaner.

Fast Fix fixes ethanol-blended fuel issues and eats away at gum and varnish causing rough starts / no starts. It also eliminates water

This engine treatment is compatible with ALL small engines and prevents the need to disassemble engines for fuel-related issues.

The formula, engineered by the industry’s top fuel chemists, combats issues caused by ethanol-blended fuels by removing water, cleaning carbs and injectors, and cleaning the entire fuel system.

If your small engine has a rough idle or just won’t start\, trust STA-BIL Fast Fix to get your engine going.

Great for use in push mowers, riding mowers, weed eaters, snow throwers, and more!


For rough running engines use 30ml to 9.5L of fuel. Fill with fresh fuel. Start the engine and allow to run for 15 minutes to allow the additive to work its way through the fuel system.

If the engine does not start attempt to turn it over a few times so the additive makes its way through the fuel system and allow it to sit overnight.


-          Cleans carbs & injectors

-          Fixes rough-running engines

-          Eliminates water

    Size: 118ml