The Original California Duster
The Original California Duster
The Original California Duster

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The Original California Duster

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A gentle and effective cleaning tool for paint surfaces.

In 1989 a small company in California was about to change the way we remove dust and dirt from surfaces. That company;  The California Car Duster Company, and the product that became renowned -- The Original California Car Duster.

We’ve shown below a few of the many features of The Original California Car Duster.

Wax On, Dust Off. The process used to make this product different from other dusters is unique and exceptional. Paraffin wax is coated onto the 100% cotton strands of the mop head, which makes dust, dirt, pollen, and lint stick within the strands. Instead of just moving these particles around, you are actually lifting and removing them. To clean the duster and prepare it for another use, simply shake the mop head and you’re ready to go.

Classic style sets it apart. There is nothing cheap about the way this duster is manufactured. From the natural, turned wood handle to the quality cotton strands within the mop head, this product oozes quality. You will understand when you hold the generous handle why many think this product is a legend. It allows for a strong grip, yet places little stress on hands or arms.

No Scratches or Damage. Some duster companies use harsh chemicals on their mop heads and rags. Sometimes you don’t realize the damage these can do to your car’s surface until you’ve already used them.  The Original California Duster is safe and non-abrasive, as the cotton threads are soft and gentle on all surfaces.

Versatility. Cars, vans, and boats will benefit from using The Original California Car Duster. It can also be used indoors on furniture, windows, and appliances etc.