Ultimate Detailing Starter Kit


Ultimate Detailing Starter Kit

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” For the love in your life”

Poorboy’s World / Mothers/ Invisible Glass – Ultimate Polishing Kit.

Keep your car looking beautiful with this starter cleaning and polishing kit from three of the world’s renowned car care brands - Poorboy’s World; Mothers and Invisible Glass.

A deluxe concentrated shampoo -Super Slick and Suds- in a large 946 ml bottle which is potent but PH gentle.

A Clay Bar Kit from Mothers complete with 2 clay bars, clay lubricant and microfibre cloth.

To bring paintwork back to life and minimise minor swirls and scuff marks there is a 473ml bottle of Professional Polish.

The kit includes a tub of Natty’s Blue Paste Wax 235ml which keeps your paintwork protected and gives an amazing depth of shine.

A bottle of their Bird Sh*t Remover 473ml ensures any acidic bird droppings are removed quickly to avoid further paint damage.

Keep your Interior clean and fresh with Natural Look dressing 473ml with an almond fragrance. Not bling -bling but a natural soft sheen.

Finally a high-quality Glass Cleaner from Invisible Glass 650ml. which is streak free and can be used inside and out and even on tints. Makes glass look invisible!

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