Valet Pro Foamula 1 Snow Foam (2 Sizes)

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Valet Pro Foamula 1 Snow Foam (2 Sizes)

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Title:5 Litre

Valet Pro Foamula 1 is a high-performance pH neutral snow foam that provides true versatility to any vehicle prewash.

This wax safe product will provide impressive cling giving it ample time to encapsulate dirt and grime on the vehicle surface to allow easy removal during the rinse stage.

The concentrated formula provides an ultra-thick foam while still giving fantastic cleaning power at lower dilutions. It can be used with a foam lance or pump sprayer and gives off a pleasant apple fragrance during use.


1) Add 300ml of snow foam and 700ml of water to a 1L foam lance bottle.

2) Adjust the feed rate to suit the level of foam required for the job at hand.

3) Foam the entire exterior of the vehicle, including the wheels, glass and trim.

4) Allow to dwell for five minutes, then rinse off thoroughly with a pressure washer.

Alternative pump spray dilution: 1:5 (heavily soiled wheels) to 1:20 (light dirt) depending on the task at hand. Agitate if required, then rinse thoroughly.

Please note: Do not allow the product to dry on paintwork. Avoid using in direct sunlight if possible.

Size: Available in 1 Litre & 5 Litres