Valet Pro Soft Dash Brush #3

Valet Pro

Valet Pro Soft Dash Brush #3

Sale price£2.40

The Valet Pro Soft Dash brush is ideal if you need a soft brush to clean dust and dirt from the dashboard of your car.

The detailing brushes from Valet Pro are extremely high quality and great value.

The #3 Soft Dash Brush is extremely versatile due to its long bristles, which can reach the most intricate areas of your cars interior. It is narrower than the #16 brush, measuring 200mm wide to reach smaller areas of your car's interior.

The #3 Soft Dash Brush is Ideal for interior or exterior cleaning. Use it on the interior to clean the dashboard and remove dust from vents. It is also great for cleaning door shuts, door pockets, rubber trim and badges.