Wolfgang Clay Lubricant


Wolfgang Clay Lubricant

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Wolfgang Clay Lubricant

A non-abrasive lubricant to enhance surface-purifying clay!

The most thorough car bath cannot rinse away every last bit of residue and overspray that contaminates, and eventually eats away, at your car’s paint. To get that show quality, silky-smooth finish, you will need to follow the wash with a clay bar treatment. This step is essential to attain a pristine surface, especially desirable before applying wax or paint sealant.

Wolfgang Clay Lubricant is specifically designed to be used with quality clay such as Pinnacle or DP poly clay bars When applied on a freshly washed surface Clay Lubricant creates an ultra-fine, slick protective layer between the paint and the clay. This allows the clay to glide across the surface, acting as a magnet for any foreign particles left behind after the wash. When this step is complete, your car’s surface will actually be exfoliated, “purified” and free of contamination.

A lubricant of some kind must be used with all types of clay. Soapy water can work, but it can’t provide protection for your paint. Some detergents react with the clay and cause it to deteriorate. Wolfgang Clay Lubricant is a high-tech formula containing super-polymers, which provide a sheer, ultra smooth surface and enhance the effectiveness of the clay. Its high-lubricity formula makes the process extra-gentle on your car’s finish—loosened particles are safely lifted away without scratching even the delicate clear coat. The clay literally glides across the surface with little to no effort. You will be amazed at how much debris is lifted from the car with each pass. No more dust, smudges, or fingerprints. When you feel no grabbing or resistance whatsoever between the car and the clay, the claying is complete. Simply wipe away any residue with a clean towel. You are left with a gorgeous finish.

Tech notes: Claying with Poly Clay and Wolfgang Clay Lubricant twice a year is sufficient. For the ultimate outcome, follow claying with Wolfgang Pre-Wax Polish, then protect and seal in the shine with Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. This will yield an unbelievable showroom-quality finish.

To use: Use on a clean, freshly washed surface. Spray a fine mist of Wolfgang Clay Lubricant on a two-foot square area, then gently rub clay bar across lubricated area. At first, the clay will “grab” at the surface as it removes contaminants. When your surface is immaculate, the bar will slide smoothly. If the clay does not glide, apply additional lubricant. Gently buff the surface clean, and then move on to the next section. When complete, mist the clay bar with Wolfgang Clay Lubricant and store in an airtight container or a sealed, plastic bag.

16 oz (473ml)