Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax


Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax

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Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax 473ml

Wolfgang have searched for the missing link that would enable their team of chemists to manipulate and fuse the core ingredients in Fuzion Paste Wax to create a sprayable version.

It has taken years of trial and error and literally thousands of reformulations, but Wolfgang have done it – Fuzion Spray Wax is finally here.

We are sure the smile on your face after using Fuzion Spray Wax will justify the effort that has gone into creating the magic that is Fuzion Spray Wax.

At the heart of Fuzion Spray Wax is the second generation of German Super Polymers. The mile-deep reflections and shimmering liquid gloss wouldn’t be possible without Brazilian Carnauba Wax, which is a prime ingredient as well.

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax works equally well on wet paint as it does dry paint. Applying it to a dry surface will yield the best longevity as you would expect, but you’ll be absolutely delighted to find that applying it to your wet car right after you’ve washed it will save you time while still resulting in a unbelievably glossy finish that lasts months, not weeks.

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is compatible with all Wolfgang formulas, including Fuzion Paste Wax and Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. Use it as a topper, or as a stand alone wax.

Regardless of which application you choose, Fuzion Spray Wax will blanket your paint with crisp, clear reflections that last for months. Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is magical in its application and removal.

If you’re applying Fuzion Spray Wax to your freshly washed vehicle while it’s still wet, mist the paint one panel at a time and then immediately dry using a Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel. Flip the towel to a dry side and buff the paint to a head-turning gloss. Apply to dry paint using the same technique\, except replace the Guzzler with a Super Plush Jr.

16 oz.(473ml)