Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish


Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish

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Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish is a citrus-based chemical cleaner infused with a blend of glass-safe abrasives designed to gently remove contaminants from windscreens and windows.

Special abrasives remove contaminants such as water spots, road film and more without scratching the glass.

You can apply the polish by hand with a microfibre applicator or by machine with a soft foam polishing pad.

Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish also removes tree sap and stubborn bug splatter from glass. It works at a microscopic level to gently break up and remove contaminants from the pits, pores and valleys in the glass.

Standard glass cleaners that you spray onto the surface are not designed to remove oily road film, water spots, industrial fallout and mineral deposits. To remove these contaminants you need a polish such as Wolfgang Perfekt Vision.

This glass polish is alcohol and ammonia free and 100% tint safe. It also contains a built-in water repellent that causes water to bead straight off your glass and improve driving conditions.


-              Gently removes water spots and contaminants

-              Restores clarity

-              Tint safe


Size: 16oz (473ml)