Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant


Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

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Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant is an enhanced SiO2 formulated paint sealant that creates a durable layer of hydrophobic protection.

This hydrophobic protection allows for water sheeting, extreme gloss, slickness and durability. The properties of Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant even promote self-cleaning abilities. With protection against the damaging effects of any environmental contaminants, Wolfgang SiO2 Sealant gives you months of shine and protection with just one application.

Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant provides your car with a layer of protection and durability. This protection comes in the form of hydrophobic capabilities. These hydrophobic properties will allow water to bead and sheet off your car. This means water won’t stick to the surface and won’t embed itself in the paint and create water spots. A surface that is hydrophobic, is also easier to clean.


-          Apply to a cool surface out of direct sunlight

-          Wash and dry entire vehicle before application

-          Use Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep to remove any remaining oils that would prevent the paint sealant from properly adhering to the surface

-          Apply Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant onto a foam or microfibre applicator pad and apply to surface, working one panel at a time

-          Allow a cure time of approximately 15-20 minutes before buffing away with a microfibre towel

-          Do not expose surface to moisture for approximately 12 hours after application


Size: 473ml (16oz)