Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray


Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray

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Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray blends silica dioxide and super-polymers to create a long-lasting and rock-hard finish on your painted surfaces.

This Silica Spray provides your paintwork with a hydrophobic layer that shines like a wax and protects like a paint sealant.

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray is making a name for itself when it comes to easy to apply paint protection. The spray takes minutes to apply and provides an average protection time of up to 6 months. It can be used as a standalone product or to boost existing paint protection on your vehicle.

SiO2 Silica Spray uses silica dioxide (most commonly found in nature as quartz) to provide a solid layer of protection that ensures water rolls straight off the surface. This level of protection creates an extremely high surface tension which, in turn, makes the surface almost waterproof.

In addition, this Silica Spray leaves a slick, high-gloss finish.


Shake well before use. Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray works best on a freshly washed and dried surface. Being cautious of overspray, spray an even layer directly onto the area to be treated. Using a clean and soft microfibre buffing towel, gently buff product away from the surface. Flip your towel to a clean side and remove any excess product. No cure time is necessary.


-          Offers up to 6 months protection

-          High levels of hydrophobicity

-          Slick, high-gloss finish

Size: 473ml (16oz)