303 Finishing Polish


303 Finishing Polish

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303 Finishing Polish is the 3rd step in the 303 polishing system that will produce stunning paint depth and clarity.

This finishing polish provides maximum paint clarity and a mirror-like finish, while also removing 2500 grit scratches.

303 Finishing Polish is used after 303 Compound and 303 Polish and will provide an optimum level of shine to your paint. Blended to remove light blemishes and hazing, 303 Finishing Polish leaves paint looking perfect and ready for your desired protection.


-          Removes 2500 grit scratches

-          Finishing polish blended to remove light blemishes and hazing

-          Formulated for optimal working time

-          Optimum polish produces a wax / sealant ready surface

-          Can be used by hand, Rotary or DA polisher

-          Engineered to be used on both single stage and base clear paint systems

Size: 355ml (12oz)