Alchemy Edgeless Buff

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Alchemy Edgeless Buff

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The Alchemy Edgeless Buff is an incredible towel that is great for using with wax, detailing spray or a spray sealant.

It’s a thick, double sided, plush microfibre towel measuring 40 cm by 40 cm. Made of 70/30 polyester / polyamide microfibre, the Edgeless Buff has an optimum combination of agility and softness.

The Edgeless Buff will smoothly and safely glide over your paint, with a nap that will gently remove dust and smudges but a pile deep enough to keep hold of moisture.

To care for your Alchemy Edgeless Buff towel, wash at 40°C without fabric softener.


-          Soft, thick microfibre

-          Use for buffing off

-          70/30 mix

Size: 40cm x 40cm