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Alchemy Chemical X Iron Remover (2 Sizes)
Alchemy Dry Microfibre Drying Towel
Alchemy Detailing Brush Set
Alchemy Supreme Wheel Cleaner (2 Sizes)
Alchemy Dirty Harry Shampoo (2 Sizes)
Alchemy Edgeless Buff
Alchemy Plush Buff Towel
Alchemy MultiBrush Pro Set
Alchemy Qube Lube Clay Lubricant
Alchemy Whitewash Snow Foam (2 Sizes)
Alchemy Qube Soft Clay Bar
Alchemy Grime Citrus Pre-Wash (2 Sizes)
Alchemy Glo Brush Set
Alchemy Car CareAlchemy Glo Brush Set
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Alchemy - Shell Suit
Alchemy Edgeless Duo Towel
Alchemy Edgeless Wipe Towel
Alchemy Ceramic Wax
Alchemy T2 Durable Car Wax
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Alchemy Wash Pad
Alchemy Dark Matter Glaze
Alchemy Light Matter Glaze
Alchemy So Clean Interior Cleaner
Alchemy Cosmos Glass Cleaner
Alchemy Duck Tail Hydrophobic Wet Coat (2 Sizes)
Alchemy Suga Coat Quick Detailer
Alchemy Soul Glo 2000 Tyre Gel
Alchemy Supanova


Alchemy is a range of premium car care and detailing products designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

In the middle ages, wise, bearded men used alchemy to try and produce the elixir of life; Alchemy's chemists used it to create a new brand of detailing products that breathe new life into your paintwork. By mixing and blending ingredients, they’ve developed a range of products that not only work well but are easy to use and have durability.