Alchemy T2 Durable Car Wax

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Alchemy T2 Durable Car Wax

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If you're looking for a durable carnauba paste wax then this is it.

Alchemy T2 is a carnauba wax blended with montan and oils, which make for a durable wax that is still easy to apply. Montan wax has a natural water repellency and when blended with carnauba, you get shine and durability. The unique blend of oils makes for a wax that is easy to use and apply.

T2 gives a glossy, sharp shine and makes paint pop.


Apply using a foam applicator pad and light pressure. Allow to cure, buff off when the wax is no longer wet or oily. Curing times can vary between 6 to 15 minutes depending on whether it is warm or cold.