Angelwax Clarity Super Concentrated Screenwash


Angelwax Clarity Super Concentrated Screenwash

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Angelwax Clarity is a highly concentrated windscreen washer additive that has been specially formulated for use in the screen wash reservoir of your vehicle.

The award-winning formula is suitable for year-round use and easily removes bird lime\, insects\, traffic film and other fallout.

Clarity cleans to ensure you have a safe\, clear view of the road ahead. It also has hydrophobic properties that repel rain.


Clean glass thoroughly with a glass cleaner such as Angelwax Vision and apply a hydrophobic layer of Angelwax H2GO to the windscreen for the ultimate rain repellent.

Simply dilute Clarity according to the climate & weather conditions and pour into the water reservoir of your vehicle. Clarity will clean and further protect your windscreen.

Dilution Ratios:

19:1 Summer Use

9:1 Autumn/Spring Use

4:1 Winter Use (-15)

1:1 Extreme Winter (-25)

0:1 De-Icer 


-          Windscreen washer additive

-          Cleans windscreen

-          Adds rain repellent to windscreen

Size: 1 Litre