Angelwax Desirable Wax


Angelwax Desirable Wax

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Angelwax Desirable is a wax with incredible beading and sheeting qualities.

Desirable started life as a limited edition production run of 20 pots but the formula proved so popular that it has become a staple in the Angelwax range.     

This wax provides 5 months of paint protection and leaves an amazing high-gloss finish. As well as leaving your paintwork dripping wet\, Desirable has extreme beading and sheeting qualities.


Using a wax applicator\, apply Angelwax Desirable to a clean\, well prepared paint surface one panel at a time and leave for a couple of minutes before removing with a clean\, dry microfibre cloth.


-          Offers 5 months of paint protection

-          Leaves a high gloss finish

-          High beading properties

Size: 250ml