Angelwax Glide Decontamination Polisponge


Angelwax Glide Decontamination Polisponge

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Angelwax Glide Decontamination Polisponge is the new concept in clay bar technology.

This decontamination sponge removes embedded contaminants such as tar\, tree sap and iron fallout from your paintwork. It is safe to use on all paint types\, when used with a clay lubricant\, and can also be used on glass and wheels.

Glide picks up all of the contaminants from the area being treated\, leaving the surface smooth and perfectly prepared for polishing\, waxing or sealing.

The Glide Polisponge has many advantages over a standard clay bar. If dropped it can be cleaned and used again\, it also can be re-used many more times than a conventional clay bar as it can be washed after every use.


Thoroughly wash and prepare the vehicle to be treated before use. Spray the chosen area with Angelwax Uber Lube or a clay lubricant\, to create an ideal surface for the polisponge to perform. Gently glide the polisponge across a panel at a time to remove contaminants. Wash the polisponge as required during the process. After use\, thoroughly clean the polisponge with warm water and store in its original packaging.


-          Next gen decontamination tool

-          Removes embedded contaminants

-          Leaves a perfect\, smooth surface for polishing or waxing

Size: 10cm x 7cm x 1.5cm