Angelwax Halo Synthetic Paste Wax


Angelwax Halo Synthetic Paste Wax

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Angelwax Halo is a synthetic paste wax designed to give the ultimate final finish to a variety of exterior surfaces on your vehicle. 

Halo is a completely synthetic product which can be used on EVERY surface of the vehicle and beautifully restores and protects tired & faded exterior plastics\, rubber trim and glass.

It adds a protective ‘seal’ to the bodywork which provides a deep gloss with superb durability and offers protection in excess of 6 months.

Angelwax Halo is perfect as a pre-wax body sealant.


Ensure that the surface is cool\, clean and well prepared before application and that the area to be treated is free from traffic film\, tar and other contaminants.

Apply Halo sparingly with a clean\, dry microfibre cloth or wax applicator to the desired area and leave the sealant to cure for a few minutes before removing with a clean\, dry microfibre cloth.


-          Synthetic paste wax that can be used on all surfaces

-          Provides a deep gloss

-          Offers in excess of 6 months protection

Size: 250ml