Angelwax Uber Lube


Angelwax Uber Lube

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Angelwax Uber Lube is a clay lubricant that works in tandem with Angelwax’s Glide Decontamination Sponge or a clay bar.

Uber Lube provides excellent lubrication when using a decontamination sponge or clay bar to remove contaminants.

This lubricant is safe to use on both paintwork and glass and the super slick formula makes the decontamination process extremely simple.

It is paramount to use a decontamination tool or clay bar with a clay lubricant before you move on to polishing\, waxing or sealing.

Your paintwork is subject to contamination from a variety of chemical\, environmental and industrial pollutions such as tar\, tree sap\, ferrous metals and salt. Washing alone cannot remove contaminants that become embedded. Uber Lube provides the perfect amount of lubrication for a decontamination tool to safely remove these embedded contaminants.


Once the vehicle has been thoroughly washed and dried\, spray the surface to be treated with Angelwax Uber-Lube. Working on one panel at a time\, gently run the decontamination tool/clay bar over the treated panel removing the contaminants from the bodywork. Once the panel has been treated\, wipe with a clean\, dry microfibre cloth.


-          Super slick clay lubricant

-          Use with Angelwax Glide Decontamination Sponge or a clay bar

-          Makes the decontamination process effortless

Size: 500ml