Blackfire HydroSeal - 946ml


Blackfire HydroSeal - 946ml

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Blackfire HydroSeal is a durable SiO2 protectant than can be applied in a matter of minutes.

Never has it been so easy to apply a layer of expertly formulated SiO2 to your vehicle. With Blackfire HydroSeal you simply spray the product onto your paintwork and rinse it off.

HydroSeal provides your paint with immense hydrophobic properties. Water will bead-up on your paint instead of spreading out over the surface, depositing minerals and contamination.

Applying this SiO2 spray is much quicker than applying traditional protection such as a wax and the protection it creates can even outlast that of a wax.


Wash entire vehicle but do NOT dry. After rinsing away your car wash, simply spray HydroSeal directly onto the surface to be treated and immediately rinse away with your hose using a strong jet of water. Continue around the vehicle working one panel at a time. Following best practices, be sure to dry once completed.


-          Durable SiO2 formula

-          Fast and easy application

-          Spray on and rise off

Size: 946ml (32 oz)