Blackfire Instant Detailer - 946ml


Blackfire Instant Detailer - 946ml

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Blackfire Instant Detailer is a quick detail spray formulated with a blend of Ivory Carnauba Wax, Wet Diamond polymers and high lubricity cleaners. 

Instant Detailer is a high lubricity spray that loosens dust and light contamination, so it wipes away without scratching.  You can use it to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, smudges\, fresh bug splatter and bird droppings.

This shine-boosting detail spray instantly boosts existing wax and revives a dull finish.  It is compatible with all waxes and sealants and is especially impressive when used over Midnight Sun Paste Wax.

Blackfire’s high gloss Wet Diamond polymers bond to the existing wax to breathe new life into it and Ivory Carnauba wax intensifies the liquid shimmer. Instantly paint looks shinier, deeper and more reflective.

Mist one panel at a time and use a clean microfibre towel to wipe off dust and dirt. Flip the towel to buff to a deep shine.


-          Removes smudges, dirt, fingerprints and more

-          Boosts existing wax and revives shine

-          High lubricity to prevent scratching

Size: 32oz (946ml)