Blackfire Paint Sealant - 946ml


Blackfire Paint Sealant - 946ml

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Blackfire Paint Sealant is a premium paint sealant that creates an extremely slick finish with incredible depth.

This sealant uses a revolutionary blend of polymers from Germany and Switzerland with incredible protective quality, creating a blanket of protection for your paint. It is almost impenetrable to environmental fall-out and contamination.

Paint Sealant refracts light to create a vibrant, super slippery, deep gloss finish. Blackfire have achieved the depth and shimmer of a carnauba wax, while maintaining the high-gloss shine of a paint sealant.

This sealant has it all: looks, durability, and the ability to protect your paint from acid rain, bug remains, contamination, environmental fallout and water spots.

Blackfire Paint Sealant can be applied by hand or machine.


-          Blend of polymers create incredible protection

-          Provides a deep gloss finish

-          Use by hand or machine

Size: 32oz (946ml)