Blackfire Plex Pro Plastic Cleaner & Protectant Aerosol


Blackfire Plex Pro Plastic Cleaner & Protectant Aerosol

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Blackfire Plex Pro thoroughly cleans your plastic surfaces and protects them from future damage, mess and fogging.

Plastic is notorious for being one of the most difficult surfaces to clean and protect. This is due to the fact that many plastic surfaces\, particularly interior plastic, generate a large amount of static electricity. This static electricity causes dust and other light contaminants to flock to it.

Blackfire Plex Pro was designed to act as a barrier between your plastic surfaces and the contaminants that it attracts. It has an anti-static quality to it that will ensure your plastic not only stops attracting dust, but actively repels dust away.

This repelling effect is not just confined to dust, Blackfire Plex Pro prevents all sort of unsightly things from finding their way onto your plastic surfaces. Streaks, smudges, dirt, and even fog will be effectively repelled from your plastic surfaces.

Blackfire Plex Pro was designed without any abrasives, so it won’t cause any scratches or marring during use.

You can use Blackfire Plex Pro to clean and protect your chrome, formica, porcelain, fibreglass, and marble, all with the same incredible results.


Shake well before use. Holding the can in an upright position approximately 6-8 inches away, spray Plex Pro onto the surface to be treated. If surface is dirty, this spray can be used to clean and a re-spray can be used to polish and protect. Wipe surface using a clean microfibre towel. Additional coats will increase protection and resistance against wear and scratching.

Size: 19oz