Blackfire Polish - 946ml


Blackfire Polish - 946ml

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Blackfire Polish is a compound and polish that removes minor defects in new clear coats.

This polish uses innovative German abrasives and is considered within the polishing industry to be one of the most advanced polishes in the world. This new breed of polishes are now used at the OEM level in various car manufacturing plants around the world.

New, super-hard clear coats are difficult to polish or remove defects and conventional polishes may not have the cutting power to remove swirls, spots and defects in these new coatings. This is where this technologically advanced polish comes in.

Blackfire Polish restores gloss and removes minor defects in clear coats and the new scratch-resistant clear coats.

This polish uses nano-abrasives to remove 2500-3000 grit sanding marks on fresh paints and to correct mild imperfections on cured paints. These fine abrasives burnish the finish to an incredible gloss.

Blackfire Polish can be used to refine the paint after compounding or as a one-step shine enhancing polish.

It can be applied by hand or dual action polisher, but machine application is required for maximum defect removal in harder clear coats.


-          Restores gloss and removes minor defects

-          Cutting edge German abrasives

-          Can be applied by hand or dual action polisher

Size: 32oz (946ml)