Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating Wash


Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating Wash

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Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating Wash is the perfect complementary product for any ceramic paint coating.

The thick, sudsy, pH-neutral formula removes surface contamination like dirt, dust, mud, road grime, and more without affecting your coating’s hydrophobicity, protection or shine.

Pro Ceramic Coating Wash produces excellent lubrication for safe washes without stripping or affecting your previously applied paint coating. It also leaves no residue behind.

The maintenance of a ceramic coating is vital and this coating wash is ideal to extend the longevity of your coating.

The highly-concentrated formula can be used by hand or in foam guns or cannons.


Work out of direct sunlight. Mix up to 2 oz. of Coating Wash with 3-5 gallons of water and activate with a strong jet of water. Starting at the top of your vehicle and working down\, use a clean wash mitt to remove surface contaminants. Rinse frequently and do not allow product to dry onto surface. Dry vehicle after wash using a drying towel or car dryer.


-          pH-neutral formula

-          Leaves no residue

-          Will not affect your existing coating

Size: 946ml (32oz)