Dr Beasley's Matte Wheel Cleanser

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Dr Beasley's Matte Wheel Cleanser

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Dr Beasley’s Matt Wheel Cleanser is a wheel cleaner specifically for painted and powder coated matt wheels.

This pH balanced wheel cleaner uses a gel-based formula that clings to the wheel's surface giving it more time to remove dirt, debris and loose brake dust.

It is gentle enough to use on matt finishes yet strong enough to remove standard wheel contamination. Matt wheels are at risk of being damaged by the strong chemicals in traditional wheel cleaners.

Before using Matt Wheel Cleanser, rinse your wheels thoroughly. Spray the product directly onto the wheel and let sit for a few minutes before wiping clean with a microfibre cloth.


-          Wheel cleaner for matt wheels

-          pH balanced and biodegradable

-          Removes dirt, road grime, debris and loose brake dust

Size: 12oz (360ml)