Dr Beasley's NSP Z1

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Dr Beasley's NSP Z1

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Dr Beasleys NSP Z1 is a one-step primer and nanocoating designed for new or lightly contaminated vehicles that do not need a high degree of paintwork correction.

NSP Z1 contains a unique nanostructure resin formulated with TiO2, SiO2 and composite engineered abrasives. It protects for a year or more and can be layered with waxes, sealants, and other coatings of comparable durability.

The composite microsphere abrasives in NSP Z1 blend several grades of cutting, buffing and finishing particles to achieve a multi-step shine in a single step correction.

With larger microspheres to cut, smaller ones to buff and diminishing ones to finish\, NSP Z1 speeds through multiple correction steps to deliver deep reflectivity that even surpasses full paintwork correction systems.

The product leaves behind a durable ceramic nanocoating that achieves a level of robust protection never-before-seen in a one-step correction.

Please note: Only use with a polishing machine


-          One-step primer & nanocoating

-          Designed for new or lightly contaminated vehicles

-          Protects for a year or more

Size: 237ml (8oz)