Edgeless Microfibre Quick Detail Towel (3 Pack)


Edgeless Microfibre Quick Detail Towel (3 Pack)

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The Mammoth Edgeless Microfibre Quick Detail Towel is a premium quality, edgeless microfibre towel that is designed to be used with your favourite quick detail spray.

This quick detail towel will boost the performance of any quick detail spray thanks to its medium nap and edgeless construction.

A high-quality quick detail spray can safely remove light dust, dirt and fingerprints. Most quick detail sprays even add some protection to your paint, further increasing their appeal. The Edgeless Microfibere Quick Detail Towel will make your favourite quick detail spray streak less and shine more.

The edgeless design offers great speed as you quick detail your car, and also ensures the towel doesn’t snag on anything such as emblems. 

Contains three cloths. 

Size: 16"" x 16"" (40cm x 40cm)