Lake Country Wash Wedge

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Lake Country Wash Wedge

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Premium Grooved Wash Sponge from Lake Country 

The Lake Country Wash Wedge features cross-cut and slotted grooves for safe, effective dirt removal. Manufactured from Lake Country’s softest foam, the Wash Wedge pampers your vehicle’s delicate finish to ensure the paint remains swirl and scratch free after every wash. The comfort-grip neoprene foam handle makes the Wash Wedge easy to hold on to, even with soapy hands.

The cross-cut manufactured sponge holds lots soapy water, providing great lubrication for the sponge to glide effortlessly across the surface. The cross-cut and slotted grooves conform to sharp body lines and creases, ensuring every square inch of your vehicle is cleaned.  

Like other Lake Country detailing products, the Wash Wedge is built to last. From the soft gold foam to the sturdy neoprene handle, the Lake Country Wash Wedge will provide years of safe, swirl-free washing.