Mammoth Supaseal Bucket Lid


Mammoth Supaseal Bucket Lid

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The Mammoth Supaseal Bucket Lid fits onto your wash bucket to form a watertight seal.

These bucket lids stop dirt and leaves blowing into your wash bucket when it’s not in use.

A unique screw on lid threads into the outer ring for a secure watertight seal.

The watertight seal the lid creates when fitted to the bucket means you can carry the bucket without the risk of spillage. You may even want to transport a filled bucket in your vehicle as you move between jobs, this lid is ideal to prevent any accidents from occurring.

The lids are made from durable plastic. Sometimes when you’re detailing a panel that’s low down it can be uncomfortable. These lids create a functioning seat that is an optimal height for certain detailing jobs.

Mammoth Supaseal Lids are also great if you need to store something in your bucket. The lid fits US 5 Gallon buckets. 


-          Creates a watertight seal for your bucket

-          Stops dirt getting in your bucket when not in use

-          Prevents spillage when moving your bucket