Monello Raffini Mezzo Polish


Monello Raffini Mezzo Polish

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Monello Raffini Mezzo is a fast-working polish with medium cutting ability.

Raffini Mezzo is suitable for use on weathered paint with light to medium swirl marks and light to medium scratches.

This polish leaves a slightly glossy finish and works great when followed up by Monello Raffini Finale Finishing Polish.

It contains no fillers and is suitable for all paint types such as scratch-proof and ceramic paint.

Raffini Mezzo can be used by hand, dual action polisher or rotary polisher.

Cutting factor: 3.5/5

Gloss: 3/5


-          Polish with medium cutting ability

-          Suitable for all paint types

-          Follow up with Monello Raffini Finale Finishing Polish

Size: 250ml