MOTHERS Professional Finishing Polish 355ml


MOTHERS Professional Finishing Polish 355ml

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MOTHERS Professional Finishing Polish is specifically designed to work with polishing machines to remove swirls\, hazing\, holograms\, towel marks and other imperfections from all paint types.

Used with MOTHERS Rubbing Compund\, Professional Finishing Polish will also remove Compounding scratches.

MOTHERS Professional products use the same industry-proven formulas found in body shops worldwide to give you a showroom new finish.

Recondition your paint from normal wear and tear\, buff fresh paint after color sanding\, or even improve your factory applied paint finish\, especially clearcoats.

Designed for the professional detailer\, but simple enough for anyone\, MOTHERS streamlines paint correction to give you brilliant colour\, enhanced gloss\, unmatched depth\, and a perfectly prepared surface\, ready for waxing.

Size: 355ml