Original California Dry Blade

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Original California Dry Blade

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The California Dry Blade is a silicone blade that can be used for drying your vehicle's paint and glass after a car wash.

It is a smaller version of the popular California Jelly Blade and is made by the Original California Car Duster Company.

The compact Dry Blade is made of medical grade silicone and features the V-blade design just like the original Jelly Blade.

The V-blade design is ultra-flexible and quickly whisks water away.

The Dry Blade is 11” in length and is perfect for quickly drying your windscreen, windows and paintwork.

In addition, the California Dry Blade can be used around the household. Use the Dry Blade at home to dry shower doors, clean kitchen counters or dry windows.


-          Ultra-flexible drying blade

-          Medical grade silicone flexes and conforms

-          Dries vehicles and windows in 1/3 the time