Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating

Pinnacle Black Label

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating

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Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating 

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating blankets your wheels in a rock-hard barrier of protection that is impenetrable by ferrous brake-dust particles, road salt, tar or oil. Designed with brake-dust laden sports cars in mind, Diamond Wheel Coating and the layer of protection it creates makes laborious wheel cleaning a thing of the past. The super slick surface virtually eliminates brake-dust build up. Pinnacle suggest that the wheel coating can last for up to 18 months!

Wheel cleaning is typically a chore that nobody enjoys. It’s often messy and it takes considerably longer than it should. Pinnacle knows this, which is why they developed Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating. 

Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating is a nano-glass ceramic coating that was designed specifically for application on wheels. Formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures that wheels are exposed to, Diamond Wheel Coating shields your wheels against the damaging effects of ferrous (iron containing) brake-dust particles. A single 4 ounce bottle is enough to coat up to 100 wheels!

Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating is safe and effective to use on all types of wheels and can also be used on wheel calipers. Use Diamond Wheel Coating on painted, clear coated, polished, anodized, chrome and bare aluminum finishes. 


1. Ensure surface is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

2. Thoroughly clean each wheel first (e.g.) using Pinnacle Clear Coat Safe Wheel Cleaner.

3. Polish wheels with Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish.

4. Spray Diamond Wheel Coating directly onto an Applicator and evenly distribute over the wheel.

5. Work the coating into the surface until it disappears.

6. Lightly buff with a clean, soft, lint-free microfibre towel.

Size: 118ml (4 oz.)