Pinnacle Signature Series II Paste Wax

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Pinnacle Signature Series II Paste Wax

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Signature Series Carnauba Paste Wax has been reformulated with the most current surface enhancement technology available in order to meet the industry’s changing demands. Now with a wetter gloss and increased depth of shine, Signature Series II is Pinnacle’s latest addition to its premier family of car care products.

Pinnacle’s original wax has been updated with the latest polymer technology. The shine is wetter and slicker than ever before! Colours are deeper, reflections are clearer…Signature Series II is an exciting new chapter in the Pinnacle wax tradition. Bursting with carnauba, the wax has the same buttery texture and signature scent that can only be Pinnacle.


- Wash vehicle using Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. Dry with a microfibre towel.

- If applying Signature Series for the first time, use Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion to reduce the appearance of imperfections and to remove wax build up.

- Apply Signature Series using the included polyfoam wax applicator. Apply a thin, even coat to one panel at a time.

- Signature Series does not dry to a haze. Once you’ve covered a panel, you can immediately buff using a clean, soft microfibre towel

Detailing Tip:

- Remove wax or polish with a microfibre detailing towel or a soft terrycloth towel. Shake out the towel frequently to shed the dried wax. when removing wax or polish, remember that using more speed is better than applying more pressure. Excessive pressure can cause unnecessary abrasion and scratches in the paint.

Size of Jar: 8oz. (236ml) Paste Wax

Purchases Include: Foam Applicator and Silk Storage bag