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Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax

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Pinnacle Souverän Paste Wax is the ultimate show car wax for perfectionists!

Formulated with high grade carnauba wax, Pinnacle Souverän™ is designed to exceed the standards of the most discriminating enthusiast and collector. Pinnacle Souverän Wax sets the standard in surface enhancement. It is bursting with a special blend of Brazilian Ivory Carnauba Wax and natural oils. These oils wet the paint\, producing tremendous depth and richness.

Pinnacle Souveran Paste wax was created for perfectionists. Souverän Wax produces a shine that is more than just bright. It creates a liquid and 3-dimensional appearance on the paint. Pinnacle Souverän Paste Wax enhances all colours but is exceptional on dark coloured cars. 

Pinnacle Souverän Paste Wax is hand poured, one container at a time. Its buttery texture enables it to be wiped off easily with any towel but you’ll find it absolutely effortless with the Gold Plush Jr microfibre towel (included with each purchase). 

Directions for Best Results:


1. Wash vehicle using Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. Towel dry with a microfibre towel, such as the Guzzler or Poorboys Waffle Weave.

2. If applying Souveran Wax for the first time, use Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion to reduce the appearance of imperfections and to remove wax build-up.

Hand Application:

1. Apply Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax by hand using a Motorgeek Foam Applicator. Apply a thin, even coat to one panel at a time.

2. Souverän Wax does not dry to a haze. Once you’ve covered a panel, you can immediately buff using a clean, soft microfibre towel, such as the Cobra Microfibre Edgeless Polishing Towel

Machine Application:

1. Put a plastic sandwich bag or a microfibre glove over your hand and work the wax out of the jar. Rub the wax onto a 6.5 inch finishing pad.

2. Turn the polisher on between 3 and 4. Apply Souveran in a thin\, even coat over one panel at a time. There is no need to apply pressure.

3. To remove wax by machine, put a lambswool pad on your machine and cover it with a Cobra microfibre bonnet. Flip the bonnet inside out when it becomes soiled.

4. Maintain the crisp, clear reflection with regular applications of Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray.

Detailing Tip:

Remove wax or polish with a microfibre detailing towel. Shake out the towel frequently to shed the dried wax. when removing wax or polish, remember that using more speed is better than applying more pressure. Excessive pressure can cause unnecessary abrasion and scratches in the paint.

Key Features :

  • Butter-like consistency applies easily
  • Incredible depth and mirror-like shine
  • Can be layered
  • Haze and streak resistant
  • No chalky haze, wipes off wet
  • Lasts up to 90 days
  • The finest wax available for dark paint finishes

Size of Tub: 8oz (236ml)

Each Souveran Paste Wax Includes:

  • 1x Gold Plush Jr Microfibre Towel
  • 1x Foam Applicator