Poorboy?s World Enzyme Stain & Odour Remover

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Poorboy's World Enzyme Stain & Odour Remover

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Poorboy’s World Enzyme Stain & Odour Remover effectively neutralises and removes organic stains and odours.

This all natural, non-toxic bacterial enzyme-based cleaner breaks down the odour source rather than just masking it\, creating a thoroughly clean area.

Poorboy’s World Enzyme is a must-have for pet owners and is also a great pre-treatment for interior details.  

Simply spray the cleaner directly onto the stain and allow to dwell for up to 15 minutes\, gently scrub the stain using a carpet and upholstery brush and then wipe dry with a microfibre towel.

-          Eco-friendly

-          Gently removes stains caused by food and pets

-          Natural, non-toxic formula

Size: 16oz (473ml)