Poorboy's World Wash Bucket

Poorboy's World

Poorboy's World Wash Bucket

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Title:Blue Bucket

An essential part of any car enthusiasts washing artillery - The car washing bucket.

The Poorboy's World Wash Bucket holds 18.9 litres (5 Gallons) of water and is a must-have for any detailer, enthusiast or professional.

Simply fill it up with your favorite car shampoo (see washing section) and you’ll have plenty of soapy water to clean your car.

The Poorboys World buckets that we sell at Motorgeek are extremely high quality, extremely tough, very durable, and are designed to work in tandem with the Grit Guard and Gamma Seal Lid (sold separately). In our opinion, these buckets are genuinely great value and we believe that you'll never need another bucket!

Grit Guard -- Beware of poor-quality imitations. Grit Guard was the first on market and still the best on the market!

Tech Tip:

Professional valeters and car detailers recommend the two-bucket system to guard against wash-induced swirls. Essentially its a safer way to wash your vehicle!

Fill one bucket with soapy water and fill the second bucket with clean water. Always rinse your wash mitt in the clean water before reloading with more soapy water. This extra step will keep the washing water clean and reduce the amount of dirt you transfer back to the paint.

This Bucket is available in Black, White, & Blue