P&S Paint Coating Surface Prep

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P&S Paint Coating Surface Prep

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P&S Paint Coating Surface Prep cleanses your paint’s surface of all waxes\, silicones\, and light contaminants.

This surface prep ensures your paintwork is in prime condition for a ceramic coating to be applied. The better condition the paintwork is in\, the better the coating will bond. When the coating bonds well it provides better and longer protection.

Any wax residue\, silicone\, or polish on your paint’s surface can hinder the bond of a ceramic coating. P&S Paint Coating Surface Prep gets rid of these residues to ensure you’re working with a perfectly clean surface.

When a ceramic coating doesn’t bond to the paint properly spots and streaks are visible. The only way to properly get rid of them is to polish the coating off of your car and reapply the coating.


To apply simply spray directly onto the paint surface\, let sit for 30 seconds before wiping it clean with a clean\, dry microfibre.

Size: 473ml (16oz)