Valet Pro Dragons Breath (3 Sizes)

Valet Pro

Valet Pro Dragons Breath (3 Sizes)

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Size:1 Litre

Dragons Breath is the latest product from Valet Pro and, contrary to belief, is not named after the mother in law! :)

Designed to remove iron from painted and metal surfaces, particularly alloy wheels, Dragons Breath changes colour as it draws out contamination. You can see the formula working as it causes a chemical reaction that makes the liquid change from clear to red when it comes into contact with any iron contamination. See images below which show the product working!

Valet Pro Dragons Breath is ideal for cleaning areas of the car that are susceptible to iron contamination, such as alloy wheels.

For wheel cleaning - Spray on Wheels, allow solution to work for 5-10 minutes then rinse clean. Reapply and agitate with a soft wheel brush if necessary.

Sizes: 500ml\, 1 Litre or 5 Litre