Wolfgang Plastik Headlight Lens Glaze


Wolfgang Plastik Headlight Lens Glaze

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Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze

Plastic Headlight Lens Glaze works like a finishing polish to restore perfect clarity and smoothness to polished headlight lenses. It can also be used as a single-step plastic polish for clear vinyl, visors and windscreens. Its ultra fine abrasives leave restored headlights looking nearly new! Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze is step two in the Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System. 

Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze is step 2 in the lens cleaning system. It is a fine grade finishing polish that perfects the lens surface after it has been repaired with Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner. Just like a paint glaze, Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze has mild cleaning properties but contains no abrasives. It removes any roughness or haze caused by the abrasive action of the lens cleaner and restores the optical clarity and smoothness. Though you will see an improvement after polishing the lens, you need Lens Glaze to see the complete results of your work. 

Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze can also be used to clean and clarify motorcycle windscreen and clear vinyl windows on convertible tops. The gentle formula will not scratch these surfaces as it removes cloudiness, yellowing, creases and scratches. 

Replacing headlight lens covers, convertible tops etc can be extremely expensive. By using the Wolfgang system, you save money and still get the appearance of new or nearly new lenses! 

Directions: Apply Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze using a 4” grey pad adapted to your cordless or electric drill. 

If using a cordless drill, work at the highest speed. If using an electric drill, use the lowest setting. 

You may also use your circular or dual action polisher adapted to a 4” pad. Set the maximum speed on a dual action polisher at 5000 OPM. Set your circular polisher at no greater than 1500 RPM. Polish until the glaze starts to dry. Buff away the residue with a microfibre towel. 

After you’ve restored your lenses, seal in the shine and clarity with Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant. It will prevent future damage and maintain the transparency of the lenses. 

To get all the products discussed above in one convenient package, click on Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System at the bottom of the page. It contains everything you need to clean, restore, and clarify your plastic headlight lenses.

 Sizes : 118ml (4 oz.) and 236ml (8oz)